We spend years growing our hair, neglecting having haircuts with the hopes it will grow into Rapunzel. We hold onto that unhealthy hair till one day you get the brilliant idea to chop off all the dead bits. You love it till you see old pictures of your ‘long’ hair and instant regret kicks in. Safe to say we have all been there before. The struggle is real! We feel you. Whatever the reason to wanting to grow your hair out pronto never fear, we are here to help! Read on for some of our fav tips on getting your hair back to that long luscious Mane in all your ‘throwback Thursday’ Pictures.




Alright, alright I know sounds silly. Getting regular trims when you’re trying to grow your hair. Trust me there is method to our madness, if your hair is prone to split ends, this will stunt the hairs growth. Those split ends will just keep on splitting all the way up the hair shaft. These will eventually get so brittle and break off creating those finer frizzy ends we hate looking at. Causing us to use more heat on our hair to try stop this frizz, that a trim could have prevented. Have we convinced you yet? Trust us, it will make your hair feel fuller and healthier. It will grow more evenly and keeping your hair in a style while you are growing out. 


As we touched on a little before, excessive heat to the hair can be damaging. First tip to cutting back on your heat styling. Towel dry your hair more before blow drying your hair, this will cut back on the time that your hair is under excess heat. Using the right products to prevent your hair from needed lots of heat to get the frizzies away. Try out our AVEDA damage remedy Daily Hair Repair , it instantly repairs and protects from heat styling , If we aren’t using the right heat protectant or styling products this can be a factor in your hair getting more damaged. This can not only prevent our hair from growing, but it will bring on the need for a cut much earlier. I’m not suggesting cutting it out completely, we are hairdressers after all! We do know the importance to have killer instagramable hair. Just simply cutting back, maybe doing a cute up-style a couple of days.

image1 (1).jpeg


Surprisingly stress is a massive factor in your hairs over all health. This can cause your hair to thin, get brittle and even stunt the growth. Your hair is the last place that gets nutrients from your body. If your body is under stress, your hair will show it. Take some time for self-love, guilt free time to destress. Even if it is 5 mins once a day while in the shower, put an oil burner on with some essential oils take some deep breaths. Your body and mind will thank you for it. 


                                       MASK TREATMENTS ONCE A WEEK
You’ve had a rough week and you just want to have glass of red and put a facemask on, it’s important to treat yourself to a hair mask too, your hair needs just as much love and attention. Weekly hair mask will deeply nourish your hair with moisture and protein that your hair is lacking, this will make the bonds in your hair stronger to help with its growth. and don’t worry AVEDA has a treatment for all the hair types, my personal fav is the AVEDA dry remedy mask, while having Buratti oil in the mask it saturates the hair with intensive moisture and seals it all in, leaving an intense hydration. Always remember to shampoo your hair twice then towel dry your hair, to get most of the water out of your hair then pop on the hair mask, less water in the hair the more it can drink up all that love you are givin your hair! Leave it in for about 10-15 minutes or even sleep with it in longer the better I say ! Quick tip try rinsing your hair with cold water as it closes the hair cuticle locking in that hydration mask, I mean it when I say less heat the better!




Okay for people that know of olaplex you already know how amazing this easy treatment is and for the people that have never heard or had olaplex book in ASAP for this in salon treatment you are going to love!! They don’t call it insurance for hair for no reason! how we have ever survived without this product I have no clue! Olaplex is a 3-step process,

Step 1 – BOND MULTIPLIER we add this concentrate into your colour or by itself as it’s the first step to rebuild broken bonds and begins the process of preventing anymore damage to your hair.

Step 2 – BOND PERFECTER the second step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds making it stronger shiner and the hair as healthy as possible.

Step 3 – HAIR PERFECTOR this is our take home 3rd step, providing a continuous protection from ongoing damage to the hair.




As we have just run through the many ways to help your hair grow, it will take time considering our hair does only grow about a ¼ inch to ½ inch every month. but stay realistic with your hair goal its important! Trust me putting all this love into your hair daily will pay off.

Sarah Seymour